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6 Best Custom roms for Q Mobile A 10

AS i am user of q mobile noir A10, i rooted it and now i am using different custom roms on it.
As it is same as micromax covnas 2 or A110 ,so there is a lot of development by Indian devs for this great device.
Before going into details i must give reasons why i upgrade to custom rom or why i was in search of cusotm ROM?here are top reasons.

  1. Default Message application gives lot of trouble.Hang some times and force close sometime also.
  2. Facebook was not working after upgrade as it is must have application so i cant bear this behavior.
  3. Ram management is also a major issue. if you are using all social apps it will become slow, starts to hang and irritate you so you cant do anything and you have to format your cell or have to delete them all.

On the basis of this i checked too many custom ROMS and on my experience i will share only those which are perfect in every manner.

What i means by perfection is based on following:-

  1. Ram management is always my priority.
  2. Compatibility with all applications
  3. GPS Fast locking
  4. OTG cable working
  5. Better battery backup
  6. And last but not least that your phone must be same as it was on first day of installing ROM.

1. MicroKat Drive

  1. It is a mixture of AOSP and Port from Wammy Passion Z+ ROM.
  2. It is based on 4.2.1 engine.
  3. Cynogenmod File Manager and Stock File Manager
  4. Swap cache pre enabled
  5. Xtreme-Smoothness Kernel pre-included
  6. GPS lock in few seconds. Thank you Superdroid-Bond.
  7. Viper MusicFx.
  8. Minimalistic in size just 222MB ROM.
  9. Xtreme Booster included. Thank you Andeveloper.
  10. Use Hybrid and cfq on this kernel for better battery backup cum performance. Also set Balanced profile in Xtreme Booster.

Click here for detail review and download.

2.Mackay Rom v4

  1. Based On LegoCanvas 4.2.1
  2. Buttery Smooth
  3. Optimize and Zipalign Apk
  4. Samsung Task Manage in Recent App
  5. Transparent notification bar (sorry no wallpaper)

Click here for detailed review and download.

3.SLT-Nexus-TSUNAMI Revenge

  1.  Based on 4.2.2
  2. No lags
  3. Pre enabled Swap

Click here for detailed review and download

4.IB – Phoenix v3

  1. Ported from JIAYU G3S AOSP ROM.
  2. Nova Launcher included instead of stock for better looks and light weight
  3. Rooted ROM with SuperSU
  4. Camera working with HD Video recording
  5. Both internal & External SD Card mounted
  6. Option to switch SIM for 3G working

Click here for detailed review and download

5.SLT-Nexus-TSUNAMI™ Advanced


  1.  Based On 4.2.1
  2. GPS Gets fix in 7 seconds only
  3. RAM Management is best.
  4. Complete default and stock look of AOSP.
  5. TURBO Clear Camera.
  6. Performance Settings – For Processor & I/O Schedulers.
  7. Quite Hours.
  8. One Key Recent Cleaner from Recent Menu.

Click here for detailed review and download

6.Suvi ROM V16 – AURA Build 3

  1. Canvas Turbo Smart Gestures (wave to unlock phone & others)
  2. Ad Blocking pre-installed
  3. Reboot to recovery option in power menu
  4. Suvi Booster Script v4 included
  5. USB OTG working
  6. Engineering mode menu in Settings
  7. Android Kitkat sounds included

Click here for detailed review and download

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  • shizz

    my NOIR a 10 radio not wirking i.e call sms wifi etc any help? i installed MicroKat Drive.

  • rehan

    dear wasi bro i m in deep trouble if prblm not solved i would have to sale my noir a10 how can i contact u?? give me ur fb id or email i want to tell u in detail plz help its urgent

  • ruman

    hey thanks for sharing info i rooted my phone and successfully installed custom rom. i would like to install #1 can you please tell me where can i find this rom as its not available on xda

  • Umar Azmat

    so which one do u prefer more. and does sdcard works?
    also have u tried the kitkat 4.4.2 version yet.
    any idea how to fix my bootloader first image. it is struck with samsung galaxy S logo image. none of other custom rom can get rid of it.
    also my shut down charging battery icon is gone too. any idea for that too.