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MicroKat Drive

I rated this as best Rom over others due to lot of reasons, but difference between Macky Rom and this rom is only status bar to choose sim in messaging and phone calls. besides these they are superb and perfect roms in every manner.

  1. Superb Ram management.always giving 200+ MB free ram.
  2. No Lag while using it with all social apps like facebook,skype,whatsup,viber etc.
  3. Swap script made it more powerfull
  4. Different battery Icons
  5. No lag in games
  6. No hanging problem in messaging
  7. Responsive Rom
  8. GPS lock fast
  9. All basic things are checked by me and working
  10. you can feel same speed after 1 week which it gives you in 1st day.

Installation Instructions:-
Your phone must be rooted and must be installed with a custom recovery to choose zip for installation.

  1. Download Zip file and place it in SD card(You will see three files if you select torrent to have to put ZIP file in SD card.
  2. Go To recovery
  3. Always make a CWM backup of your existing status to prevent from accidental failure.
  4. Wipe Data partition
  5. Wipe Cache partition
  6. Format System
  7. Format Data
  8. Format Cache
  9. Wipe Dalvik Cache
  10. Select Install from zip
  11. Select Install zip from SD card
  12. Choose Zip of MicroKatDrive from SD card(You know the path as you paste it there)
  13. Installation will be started after choosing Zip File
  14. Drive Easy

Download Link:-(Contains Pakistani Base band file)

File Size:- 225 MB

Screen Shots:-











We will not take any responcibilty of brick you made to your device.Use it on your own discretion
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About Waseem Anwar

I am C.A(inter). Blogging is my passion ,i love to learn new things,technology info, uploading pdf books is another hobby, while now a days i am also exploring android versions on my cell.
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  • sanjana

    i want to ask that is that logo of paksociety will remain visible after installing this rom??

    • this logo is just on images we share, this is not included in rom.

      • zeeshan

        Can you tell me detailed step by step installation of this rom ?

        • Kindly tell me what is confusion? i already give step by step method?

          • zeeshan

            Dear after downloading the rom I got 3 files now what should i do ?

          • you download it from torrent? paste zip file in your Sd card and follow procedure.

  • zeeshan

    Installation Instructions:-
    Always make a CWM backup of your existing status to prevent from accidental failure.
    Wipe Data partition
    Wipe Cache partition
    Format System
    Format Data
    Format Cache
    Wipe Dalvik Cache
    Install ROM…! Drive Easy

    Whats easy in that ? after wipe dalvik cache …. you said Install ROM … thats my question how ?

    • your phone is rooted? if yes than you install custom recovery? if yes than do you know how to go to recovery?

  • zeeshan

    Yes I downloaded in a torrent file…

  • Installation meaan
    Go to installl zip option
    select install from SD card
    Select zip file, you know the path because you put it there.
    after selecting it will start installing ROM.

    • zeeshan

      Dear Wasi I told you I have 3 files… one .rar file n’ 2 others… no zip file here… I downloaded these files through torrent… My mobile is rooted … I know how to go cwm recovery … I know how to install through sd card… but there is something missing … em not so proffessional thats y em bothering you… Please don’t mind i just need to do it properly …

      • Dear Zeshan that is zip file not RAR, if winrar is opening it does not mean that its rar file. view extension and you will find answer. the file which is rar in your words, just put that in SD card. and follow procedure,Post also updated.

        • zeeshan

          Hmmmm yeah I got your point now… thats confusing me the rar file … It is a zip file … and what about other 2 files ? should I move these files on my sd card as-well ?

  • zeeshan

    You should put some pictures here as-well for those users who r not so professional like me… Thanks in Advance…

    • it is not possible to take screen shots in recover plus there are many recoveries so screen shots will surely misguide users, but i will add screen shot after posting recover here.

  • zeeshan

    Alright buddy thanks for the help…. I really apriciate it !
    Now em going to install this rom and will let you know my experience… Thanks again !!

    • you are always welcome.

      • zeeshan

        Hey wasi em using this rom n’ yeah its really smooth n’ fast… I like it but I got one issue with this rom … My memory card always show items in gallery only once after reboot… and after some time gallery won’t show items… Tell me whats that issue ?

        • use any app from play store to scan media files.

          • zeeshan

            Can you tell me which sort of scanning software I need ?? Are you talking about antivirus ?

  • zeeshan

    Tell me any name of scanning app…

  • There is always room for improvement, i cant recommend one but will share ever working rom here. users will make choices and reviews.