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5 Alternative Browsers Of Google Chrome

Google Chrome is an open-source browser based on a project named Chromium browser. Modification can be done by any one to made a browser with own needs or specification without any issue.

We are going to discuss different browsers which are using chromium project and each has its own specialty in term of security, portability etc.You may choose from them as per your need.

Comodo Dragon is developed by a well known software company Comodo, Which is a leading company for making Antiviruses, SSL certificates and Firewall Software. The Main Focus of Comodo Dragon is on better security, you can rely on the security of this browser as it has built in options to block malicious sites and software.During installation you may choose Comodo secure DNS servers to access internet and to protect from internet frauds and malicious activities.


CoolNovo has been developed by Chinese programmers and it is just a collection of already installed extensions, Chrome can also be customized in this way but you have to make hard efforts to set chrome like Coolnovo.
There is a special section that deals with handling of tabs,and also internet explorer can run inside the tab of Coolnovo.

Cool Novo

If you tired on installing Chrome every time you install windows or you want to use chrome on any computer because you like it most. You can download this version as it is portable in nature and you can save it in flash and can run it directly from usb storage.Chrome cant be installed as portable application.

Chrom Portable


As in the start of topic i mentioned it that chrome is based on a project of chromium browser. here is that, we can say that it is based on chrome or chrome is based on this.It does not have automatic updater and also essential scripts are missing e.g flash plugins, mp3 codecs etc. Google never release a stable version of Chromium but you can download it if you want from this link.


It is also based on chromium project and it has only options related to privacy of users, other chrome options are not included by default.Auto update option is also not included in this version and you have to update it manually, Its start page and extension downloading page is filled with advertisement.
however chrome is now giving you the facility to control your privacy and bcause of this reason chrome is better than this.
Extensions can also be downloadable from chrome store so you can customize this edition also. its usable due to its lite techniques and less options.
SRware Iron

5 Alternative Browsers Of Google Chrome Chrome alternatives

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