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Play store no connecting issue in smart phones

DNS Changer 1

How to fix Play Store “No Connection, Retry” Error,Fix No Connection – Retry error message on Google Play Store,Google Play Store gives error “No Connection”,Fix Google Play Store “No Connection – Retry” Many times i found Play Store no connecting ...Read More »

Project Mod Boost

Project Mod Boost

This Mod gives a fast boost to you Q Mobile Noir A 10 or Micromax Convas 2 or A110. This will enhance the speed and phone will use it full resources to give ultimate performance. Features:- Improved management of the ...Read More »


Triple Swap

This mod is to enable Swap on q Mobile Noir A 10,Micromax convas 2 or A110.It will gives to more space for execution of apps and games and user can enjoy high end game with little lag or without lag. ...Read More »

Partition A 10 Phone Memory

Partition A 10 Phone Memory

As we know that Q mobile Noir A 10 or Micromax Convas 2 or A 110 is limited storage for phone so we cant enjoy some high end games due to low system space irrespective of 4 GB Rom. Here ...Read More »

Backup Contact,Messages on Android Phone

A major problem which i faced with my old nokia phones was backup of my contacts and messages, i lost them when i changed my phone or i have to take lot of steps to import them to my new ...Read More »