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Improved Google Glass with 2 GB Ram Introduced

Google Glass 2 Gb Ram

Google Glass

AS Google is always there with something new, The development of Google Glass was also a very attractive and modern project, which has now more features.As per developers there are several improvements, which are as follows.

  • Ram increased to 2 GB
  • Battery improved by 20%
  • Voice search is 10% faster and will brought frames
  • shades and prescription support
  • I/O about to kick off
  • Easier Way to Frame Shots
  • more Google Now cards

Here is description of some features:-

Easier Way to Frame Shots

Whenever a person say :ok glass, show the viewfinder” a white L will be there in four corner of glass screen. After this you can take photo by:-

  • Saying “ok glass, take a picture,”
  • A wink
  • Pushing the camera button

Google Now cards

Two new Google cards added to:-

  • One for reminder of where you park you Car
  • One for letting you when there are packages coming to your way

Good News

You can purchase it from stores now, and it is available in all major stores in USA.

Bad News

If you are existing Goolge Glass owner you can not exchange it with this new fascinating glass.


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