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New law suit against apple for Apple’s FaceTime feature

Apple Facetime

Apple Facetime

Apple is again facing a law suit which has been filled by Secure Web Conference Corporation. This lawsuit concerns Apple’s FaceTime feature with all hardware requires to run this software not only on Iphone but also on some Macs running this software. As a matter of fact only one or two patent trolls against Apple succeed while others have failed.

Secure Web Conference Corporation claims that Apple had infringed upon a patent that they are using in their FaceTime technology.Facetime is in fact offer secure peer to peer communication to all other devices over a network.This affect all Mac’s running on intel core i 5 or i7, and Mac OS version X 10.6.6 including iphone and ipad models having A7 and A8 processors with Os IOS 7.

Here is screenshot of patent filled by Secure Web Conference Corporation:-

Apple law suit patent screenshot

Apple law suit patent screenshot

The specific claim #29 noted in the formal complaint states the following: “A device for providing secure communications over a network comprising: a communication port for transfer of audio data; a plurality of communication ports for transfer of digital data; a keypad; an encoding/decoding device; a conversion device operable to convert between audio and digital data; a processor, in communication with a memory, said keypad and said encoding/decoding device, operable to execute code for: selecting a configuration of a transmission and a reception port from among said communication ports dependent upon the presence of a network communication device and an input/output device in communication with said selected ports; providing data received from said selected reception port to said encryption/decryption device for encrypting; and providing said encrypted data to said selected transmission port.”

This lawsuit presented on 18 September 2014 in the New York Eastern District Court.

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