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South Korean forces have installed a team of robots made by Samsung

Samsung made robotic army for South Korea , This army of robots have installed along the border with North Korea.

These robots have heat and motion detectors which enables them to identify potential targets within a radius of 2 miles.

Name of robot is SGR-1 and i has 5.5 mm machine gun and also 40 mm grenade launcher.But it will always send information to human operator which will give him orders to go ahead or fire

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Samsung Robot Army 1

Samsung Robot Army 1

The system was first trialled in 2006 by a subsidiary of Samsung. Main reason of building them to overcome the laziness of human beings as they have no need of sleep and they never loose focus due to any reason. They are fearless.They can and prevent wars.

These robots are deployed to work with soldiers in Demilitarised Zone (referred to as the ‘DMZ’).
Every time when it detects a threat it will notify command centre and than follow instructions.

Samsung Robot Army 2

Samsung Robot Army 2

Robot operator can use robot’s video and audio device to communicate remotely before making decision of opening fire.
Samsung Robot Army 3

Samsung Robot Army 3

It is believed each unit costs $200,000 which is equal to 2o million Pakistani rupees approximately
The operator can then use the robot’s video and audio devices to communicate remotely before deciding to open fire.although it has not been revealed how many are in use.

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