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Switch from Android to Iphone Guide

I Phone Moving from Android

I Phone Moving from Android

As with advancement in technology now it is possible to jump from one platform to other.
But Apple gives us surprise by giving a guide to move from Android to Iphone.
As Iphone 6 released on 20th September 2014. Apple is expecting many people who will shift from Android to Iphone.So I Phone just released a guide on how to move all data from Android to Iphone.
AS we know that copying contacts etc was not a problem but guide not also tells the way to import contacts but also to import Messages,PDFs,Musics, videos and all free apps.Paid applications cant be moved so user has to purchase them for iphone separately.
Although it is not a new thing that a company is offering to import stuff from other platforms as HTC is already giving its transfer utility that will import contacts, messages,wall papers and photos to new device.And Motorola also offering its Migrate tool which can also import contacts and calendar from i cloud to Google account. So changing your platform is now an easy thing.
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