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Wikileaks Posts The Software Governments Use To Spy

Wikileaks posts the software governments use to spy.

As per wiki leaks documents different Governments including “Pakistan” using FinSpy. This Software can install it self on any platform either you are using Windows,Mac,Linux or any device. Wikileaksalso issue manuals of this software along with download links so that other companies can prepare a software to defend a user form FinSpy.
As per manual:-

FinSpy is a field-proven Remote Monitoring Solution that enables Governments to face the current challenges of monitoring Mobile and Security-Aware Targets that regularly change location, use encrypted and anonymous communication channels and reside in foreign countries.

FinSpy was installed on several computer systems inside Internet Cafes in critical areas in order to monitor them for suspicious activity, especially Skype communication to foreign individuals. Using the Webcam, pictures of the Targets were taken while they were using the system.

Attached image contains screen shots send by Pakistani agency worker ,in which we can clearly see infected computers of Indian and Pakistani users.



FinSpy Governement spy Wikileaks

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