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Partition A 10 Phone Memory

As we know that Q mobile Noir A 10 or Micromax Convas 2 or A 110 is limited storage for phone so we cant enjoy some high end games due to low system space irrespective of 4 GB Rom. Here is an application with which we can re partition our phone memory so that we can use more space in installing our application.

Internal Memory of Phone is divided into two parts.

  • Phone Storage
  • Internal SD Card

Its total Size is 3 GB.By Default we have

  • Phone Storage = 1 GB
  • Internal SD Card =2 GB

With this app you can increase your Phone Storage to 2.5GB.or 1.96 Gb.

It Depends on what size you are using during application Steps


  • First of all back you data CWM recovery…..
  • Install the app & open it and select the partition 2.50 gb (recommended) or less, don’t choose 3 gb else you will loose your cache space…..
  • Click yes (right side is yes option) & done.
  • Go to recovery (CW) wipe cache / format user data.
  • reboot the phone


Partition A 10 Phone Memory

Partition A 10 Phone Memory

Partition A 10 Phone Memory 2A 10 Re partition

Note: This will not increase your Ram Size.


We will not take any responsibility of brick you made to your device.Use it on your own discretion.
Your Phone internal memory will be low after installing and re partition process ,if you choose 2.50 GB your memory will be 55 MB in internal SD card asĀ  system is using renaming memory now.
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