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Play store no connecting issue in smart phones

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Many times i found Play Store no connecting issue and i have to change Rom by thinking that its a rom fault, but when i got this error on ninetails rom i was not in the mood to remove rom as i like that rom very much.
in investigating the matter i came to know that its due to DNS issue as play store is not able to connect to google server.
First of all i tried to change DNS server to open DNS servers in setting of my modem so that whenever i connect my phone with wifi it uses open dns server, and surprisingly Play store now connecting without any issue.
Than i decided to change the DNS for just my cell with the help of an application.
Here are steps to change DNS servers for your phone.

You must be a rooted phone to do so.

Installation Instructions:-

  1. Install DNS changer from Google Play store.LINK
  2. Open DNS changer
  3. Give him root access permanently
  4. Set your own custom DNS server by putting address
  5. Or select from already available DNS servers
  6. Click on Set

If you want to set DNS permanently follow this procedure.

  1. open settings
  2. Check Auto set primary DNS
  3. Select choose from available
  4. Select US-OpenDNS 1
  5. Select Auto set alternative DNS
  6. Select choose from available
  7. Select US-OpenDNS 2
  8. Check Auto apply for Wifi

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Screen Shots

DNS Changer 1
DNS Changer 2
DNS Changer 3

Fix Google Play Store "No Connection - Retry" Fix No Connection - Retry error message on Google Play Store Google Play Store gives error "No Connection" How to fix Play Store “No Connection Play store no connecting Retry” Error Set custom DNS in android phone

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