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Increase Internet Speed in Windows XP

In 2014 if any of us is using Windows XP, i can only laugh on them, But the truth is most of Pakistani users are using windows XP because they have low resource hardware so they cant upgrade their PC’s to Windows 7 or Windows 8.
But if you are using Windows XP, And you also have a Broad band connection than you are only usin 80 % speed of your connection as windows XP reserves 20% speed for its own use.
Slow speed is terrible , and its make me angry so it might made you angry as well, you can grab this 20% speed so that you can use 100% of your broad band speed for which toy are paying;-)

Follow these steps and check figure below if you cant understand this.

  1.  Click on the Start Menu , than click on Run ,; in Run Command type “gpedit.msc” (don’t type “ in command menu) and press enter. A window of Group Policy Editor will be open.
  2. Click on the Computer Configuration, on the right hand you will see three folders, i.e. Software settings, Windows settings, and Administrative Templates.
  3. Double Click on Administrative Templates.
  4. In Administrative Template Double click on Network tab to expand it.
  5. Now double click on “QoS Packet Scheduler”.
  6. Group-Policy-editor-in-Windows-XP

  7. On the right hand you will see “Limit Reservable Bandwidth” double click on it, window of limit reservable properties window will be open.
  8. Click on enable check box.
  9. Set the band limit (%), type 0 and press OK.
  10. Limit Reservable bandwidth properties

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